Human Body and Minimalist Photography

There are several ways to photograph the human body in a minimalist way. Most often we encounter minimalist portraits, minimalist nude art, or close-up body detail.

Even though the human body is not a subject I often deal with, sometimes I can take some photos.

Woman’s bottom

The first photo is black and white and belongs to the category of minimalist nude art (although the woman is dressed in the picture). The photo shows bottom of a woman lying in black swimsuit. The photo was created on one hot summer day at the cottage. The photo looks a bit like a Czech flag 🇨🇿 🙂

Small hands

Another way to create a minimalist photograph of the human body is to photograph different details. The following picture is the hands of two of my three children.

It’s great that when you take pictures of the children and tell them to pose for a photo (in this case, “show me your hands”), they always take an interesting, natural and original pose.

small hands

Muddy feet

When we were visiting my mother’s garden, my son was interested in watering the grass and then jumping in the mud. Thanks to it, this interesting snapshot of beautifully muddy children’s feet on the sun-covered grass could be photographed.

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