Minimalism in Macro & Close-up Photography

Macro photography and close ups are another great theme for minimalist photography. For example, in macro photography there is a very shallow depth of field that greatly separates the subject from the background. This makes it possible to create a substantial neutral area from the background, which is very desirable for minimalist photography.

Insect photography in minimalist style

Insects in minimalist photography? If we imagine the insects on the photo, immediately comes to mind macro photography. But do not forget that insect photos may not just be a macro photo or a close-up photo. What about natural or wooden bee hives, flocks of mosquitoes, or big spiders?

Minimalism in insect photography and the things associated with it means for me a distinct blank space in the photo or repeating patterns, shapes, or colors.

Beetle in the grass

The following photo I shot a bit behind the house in the field. With a very shallow depth of field, the beetle can be seen in the photo even when it occupies only a very small portion of the image area. If I shot it with bigger depth of field and the grass would be focused just like the beetle, it would be very hard to see it in the photo.

Minimalism in photograhy of insects: Beetle In Grass
Beetle In Grass. Close-up photography has one great advantage for minimalist photography. Here we have a very shallow depth of field, so the photos have a beautifully blurred background. The little beetle on the background of blurred grass makes it interesting and attracts viewer’s attention.

Fly on the blue background

I photographed this fly on our family holiday on the Greek island of Corfu. We sat next to the pool at the blue table, and the fly was very annoying. I took advantage of the fact that she was almost not afraid and shot her. Thanks to the fact that my Olympus XZ-2 has a macro mode that allows me to shoot subjects 1 cm from the lens, I could take a this interesting photo.

Fly On Blue Table - minimalism in close-up photography.
Fly On Blue Table

Colorful beehives

On another family trip, this time in the open-air museum in Přerov nad Labem. Besides many beautiful old rural buildings, there were these beautiful beehives.

I could have taken photos from a distance. In that case, we would also be able to digest the environment in which the hives are located. On minimalist photography, it is best to skip everything that is redundant in the photo. Of course, this applies to any other photo shoot, but it is especially important for a minimalist photos.

Minimalism in photograhy of insects: Beetle In Grass: Colorful beehives
Colorful beehives. I found these beautiful beehives in an open-air museum in Přerov nad Labem in the Czech Republic. I think this is a good example of how to use recurring shapes in minimalist photography.

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