Minimalist Photos of Architecture – Modern and Historical

1. Minimalist photos of historic architecture

Minimalist photographs are often associated with modern architecture. Therefore, it is very interesting to try to photograph a minimalist photograph of the old architecture. I live in the beautiful city of Prague, which is full of historical architecture. That’s why most of my photos come from here.

Historic buildings are usually a bit more difficult to photograph in a minimalist style because it contains a number of decorative elements that can cause distraction. Still, I’m trying to do it, and I hope you will enjoy at least some photos.

Yellow church

Minimal Symmetry in Architecture
Minimal Symmetry in Architecture – yellow church. Regular lines in traditional christian architecture.

Detail of the church with a yellow-white-gray facade and a wooden window as an important compositional element. This beautiful church is located in the open-air museum of Czech architecture in Přerov nad Labem. It is a complex of old farm buildings full of beautiful old furniture and accessories. Just a great place for photographers 🙂

The seagull sitting on the head

The old statue as an example of minimalist photography in historical architecture
The old statue as an example of minimalist photography in historical architecture

Minimalist photography of seagull sitting on the head of the old statue on Charlese bridge in Prague. Thanks to the mighty river Vltava, the center of Prague is full not only of pigeons but also of seagulls. They like to fly just around the famous Charles Bridge where I photographed this photo. It can be seen that a minimalist photograph can also be photographed in a place full of tourists.

2. Minimalist Photography of Modern Architecture

Modern architecture is perfect for taking minimalist pictures. Unlike classic and historic architecture, modern buildings have clean lines, large areas without any decoration and often simple façade colors. Different repeating shapes, such as windows in reinforced concrete high-rise buildings, are also an advantage.

Modern architecture is not just high-rise buildings. That would be somewhat boring. For minimalist photography of architecture, transport structures (various bridges, tunnel entrances, railway stations), technological buildings (transmitters, incoming and outgoing lane stations, tunnel ventilation shafts – see also street minimalism) and much more are well suited for minimalist architecture photography.

Dormitory no. 9

On the hill called Petřín, right above the very center of Prague, several college buildings are located between the park and the Strahov Stadium. These are ordinary panel houses, some repaired and others in poor condition. I walk here quite often because my son goes to the astronomical club nearby and I pick him up there. Once, I was attracted by clean lines and, in particular, two stainless steel stacks of building number nine.

Using a telephoto lens, I placed only a small portion of the building in the picture so there were no unnecessary things on the photo, such as tree branches and the lower part of the building with sidewalks and lawns.

Architecture minimalism
Dormitory no. 9 – Architecture minimalism

Fernsehturm Berlin

The TV tower in Berlin is the dominant of the city and is therefore very often photographed. Because I can not take pictures of urban panoramas too much (usually I do not have the time to look for the best place to see), I tried to shot it up close. For a long time I did not know how to do it.

There was still something wrong with photography. For example, the roof of a building you see in the photo. In the end, I realized that it did not hinder at all and, on the contrary, pointing towards the tower, the main object of the picture.

Fernsehturm Berlin
Fernsehturm Berlin – Example of minimalism in modern architecture photography.

Apartment house

The following picture is again from Prague. This time it is a house in the district named “Kavčí hory”, near the Czech Television main building. The building is quite interesting by having a big hole in it. It’s not a special photo, but it serves as an example of how easy it is to create a minimalist photograph when photographing modern architecture.

Modern architecture in Prague
Modern architecture in Prague

I hope you enjoyed my photos at least a bit, and that you learned something new about the minimalist architecture photo. If you are interested in anything else, do not be afraid to write to me or comment on the article.

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