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Let me offer you some of my photos for sale as prints. The print is processed through the online art gallery Fine Art America, which guarantees the highest print quality and color stability. My name is Martin Vorel.

Minimalist photos printed in the highest quality

I print my minimalist photographs through the Fine Art America online gallery – one of the largest and most respected online art galleries in the world. They has printing companies all over the world and so it is not a problem to send the art print to any place of our beautiful planet. Photographs are printed on the most advanced professional Epson printers.

Photos are printed exclusively on papers and canvases free from acids and with high quality inks that guarantee the permanence appearance – without gradual fading and loss of color.

Art prints have a 2.5cm white border around the photo itself, allowing for future framing and fitting. Canvas prints have a white border over 6 centimeters in size. This allows stretching and insertion into the frame.

The finished photo is shipped within 3-4 business days in a durable paper tube.

Choosing Materials

Art prints are available on a variety of materials. You can choose between paper, canvas, aluminum, acrylic glass or wood.

Art print as a poster

The cheapest way to get my minimalist photos is to print on paper. High quality inks and acid-free papers guarantee high color fastness and fade resistance. Along the photo itself, a white border is also on the poster, which allows you to insert a photo into a frame using a mat.

The Buddha - fine art print as poster
The Buddha – fine art print as poster with white frame.

Types of papers for print

Minimalism is about detail and simplicity. Photos usually contain large areas in a single color. The paper you choose for printing is crucial. First of all, consider whether you want a matte or glossy finish. Then choose exactly the kind of paper you want.

  • Archival Matte Paper
    • Premium Archival Matte Paper
    • Heavyweight matte paper designed for high contrast and sharp reproduction of high-resolution images
    • Long-lasting and versatile
    • Neutral white paper ideal for black-and-white photography
    • Acid-free paper
    • 230 gsm / 9.5 mil
  • Luster Photo Paper
    • Premium Luster Photo Paper
    • Luster finish has a delicate sparkle that makes images of water scintillate
    • Neutral tone, high D-Max, and ink saturation
    • Great choice for giclee reproductions
    • 250 gsm / 10 mil
  • Glossy Photo Paper
    • Premium Glossy Photo Paper
    • Ultra-gloss finish for lush depth and vivid color
    • Neutral tone, high D-Max, and ink saturation
    • Great choice for giclee reproductions
    • 250 gsm / 10 mil
  • Semi-Matte Photo Paper
    • Premium Semi-Matte Photo Paper
    • Unobtrusive semi-matte finish
    • Optimized for maximum presentation quality with minimum glare
    • Neutral tone, high D-Max, and ink saturation
    • Great choice for giclee reproductions
    • 260 gsm / 10 mil
  • Picture Rag Paper
    • Cool Tone Picture Rag
    • Exceptional black-and-white imagery
    • Incredibly vivid and true colors
    • Acid-free paper made from 100% cotton rag
    • 300 gsm / 24 mil
  • Somerset Velvet Paper
    • Radiant white paper for vivid color reproduction and deep, rich blacks for amazing contrast
    • Texture that gently softens the overall effect adds a softer edge to photography
    • Somerset Velvet is a 100% cotton rag paper
    • Perfect for conservation quality
    • 255 gsm / 19 mil
  • Watercolor Paper
    • The textured finish and satisfying weight of this fine art watercolor paper adds an interesting natural texture to photography
    • Noticeable rigidity and surface feel
    • Neutral-toned, acid-free paper made from 100% cotton rag
    • 315 gsm / 19 mil
  • Metallic Paper
    • Budget-friendly way to create modern wall art
    • Exceptionally vibrant print with the shine and shimmer of metal
    • Highly durable paper is mostly white with a signature metallic finish
    • Ideal for a wide range of images including white and flesh tones
    • 315 gsm / 19 mil

Art prints of my photographs on canvas

You’ll get the photos printed on a premium canvas and stretched on a wooden frame. The ordered photo will be ready for shipment within 3 to 4 business days and will be ready for hanging on the wall, even with mounted hanging wire, hooks and cloves.

Reproduction of the photography on canvas can be ordered with a frame without a frame and in both cases it looks beautiful 🙂

Minimalist fine art photography printed on canvas
Fine art minimalist photography (Gull resting on the Charles bridge statue) printed on canvas

Types of canvases for print

  • Glossy Canvas
    • This canvas lends a fine art feel to photographs
    • Has a slightly warm tone
    • Made from an acid-free poly/cotton blend
    • 450 gsm / 20.0 mil
  • Matte Canvas
    • Strong texture and weight gives to fine art photographs plasticity
    • Matte finish gives a softness that invites attention
    • Bright white tone and is made from an acid-free poly/cotton blend
    • 450 gsm / 20.5 mil

Photographs on an aluminum plate

In this case, the photo is printed directly on the aluminum plate. The board is fitted with a wooden frame and then suspended from the wall after hanging. Metal printers are highly durable, lightweight, waterproof and almost indestructible. The pictures on the aluminum plate have beautiful and distinctive colors due to its high gloss.

Metal print
Minimalist photography “The Buddha” printed on metal (aluminium) sheet

Acrylic print

The fine art prints are printed directly on the back side of the clear acrylic sheet. Thanks to this, photos have depth, high gloss and rich colors.

Wall art photography on acrylic print
Minimalsit wall art photography on acrylic print

Pictures on a wooden sheet

The pictures on a 1.9cm thick maple wood plate are beautiful. Wood adds depth and a beautiful texture to the photography. Pictures on the wooden board are very durable and give the photo a rustic look.

Fine art print on wooden sheet
Fine art print on wooden sheet

Types of frames

You can choose from more than 250 types of frames, which differ in appearance, material and color. You can buy framed photographs printed on paper or on canvas. If you order a photo with the frame, it comes fully ready for hanging.

Example of several types of frames for fine art photography
Example of several types of frames for fine art photography
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