Orange Locomotive – Minimalist Fine Art Photography

I have been going to work by train for many years. But it rarely happens that I would like to take pictures. In the morning I usually hurry to work and in the afternoon I am tired and looking forward to home. Once in April 2018, however, I could not resist taking a picture of this orange locomotive. Although it was an old type of diesel train, it was seen that it was renovated and freshly painted. It looked like a revelation at the old weathered station. It was just beautiful.

I carry my camera with me almost every day. But I don’t have all lenses or other accessories. Just a Nikon D7100 camera and a 18mm – 105mm Nikkor lens.

I didn’t have to think long about using the focal length. I wanted the locomotive to fill the entire area of the image, so I set the lens at 105mm (157mm when converted to 35mm) and took a few shots. I used an aperture of f5.6 and a shutter speed of 1/250 s at ISO 100. I did not use a flash or tripod.

In postproduction, I muted too vivid colors, slightly leveled the horizon and set the correct white balance.

What am I Printing on? What are the Dimensions of the Photo? And Prices?